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Iraca Cuff

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Our Iraca Cuff has been one of our best-selling bracelets for months. Soft and durable, it's a perfect accessory to add to your collection, or gift to a friend.

Made with Iraca palm straw and wire
Handwoven in natural fibers
2 in wide, adjustable cuff
Imported from Colombia
Sold individually

About the material:
The Iraca palm is also known by the names of lucua, toquilla, jipijapa and palmicha. It is one of the best known and most appreciated plants for extracting fibers for weaving in Colombia. With it, baskets, hats, placemats, napking holders, bags, brooms, among other utensils are made. The young leaves, still white, are used to make hats "jipijapas" or "sauzas" (also known as "Panama hats"). The tender shoots are harvested to be used as food, in salads. In some areas there are large crops of this plant. Under natural conditions, the iraca is a species typical of the interior of the forest, where it grows in the shade, usually in humid places. The flowers are visited by insects and the attractive red fruits are consumed by wild birds, which disperse their seeds