a note from founder + designer, Emily Raffield 



“Dreams are the first blueprints,” a saying my dad often reminds me of, particularly as I’ve embarked on many adventures sharing my art and vision with the world. As a native Floridian, I’ve dreamt of creating something tangible with my love for my home coast — and coastal locales anywhere. I realize the incredible sun-soaked lifestyle I’ve experienced and am bound to share The Magic of The Coast with you.



My experiences as an author, stylist, brand manager and tastemaker combined with my passion for home and travel is evident in my new collection for your closet and home — BECASA. Having lived at the water’s edge, I know the essential pieces needed to surrender a mentality of beauty and ease and have brought them to life.

All of it a personal expression, where every article of clothing and textile is influenced by story and experience — ready to equip you for strolling streets abroad and to welcome you back home to your own paradise. Beyond, BECASA exists as a tangible, reciprocal space for memories, collecting, and kinship.



In my journey collaborating on the beautiful coffee table book, Saints of Old Florida, I discovered we all have so much in common with our devotion to the water. It brings us together. Our most vivid memories are at The Beach.

I believe, no matter our location, with an originative personal collection and meaningful experiences, it’s perceivable to have The Beach as our address always. Knowing what lives in the home and wardrobe fully exists in the heart and mind —BECASA assists in that truth. 



Our capsule collections are designed to meet your needs in the moment, whether a last-minute trip to the tropics or a relaxed summer weekend with friends. With that, all pieces are limited offerings.

Our exclusive linen garments are designed by me and made in the USA, while other pieces of the collection are hand-selected and created with artisans and merchants all over. Everything is designed and built around the ability to pack and go, to elevate natural fibers and — with versatility at the helm — flow from beach to city seamlessly.



I’m grateful for every influence, friend and inspiration along the way. 

EMILY | @emilyraffield