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Kinship: Setting the Table

Kinship: Setting the Table

Setting the table for a gathering, large or small, is an act of love. Designing that artful scene is one of my hobbies, and secret weapons during the holiday season. I love to create – beauty, unexpected interest, layers … a memorable backdrop to host our dearest memories.

Having your loved ones around a dinner table is far reaching. It’s an imprint that we carry with us.

I aim to keep minimal resources at hand so I can do a lot with a little. Never worry you don’t have the right plates, napkins, drink ware, etc. to embrace a gathering table. I promise, you do.

Like anything, from food to fashion – The Mix is where the magic is. Blending old with new, cheap with pricey, bold with subtle and classic with trendy.

Lime Margarita w. Maldon Salt Rim
Mexican Chicken Soup
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Chips & Fresh Salsa

Kantha Quilts for table coverings, BECASA
Recycled Stamped Glassware, World Market
Wine Glass Table Lamps, Uashamama
Placemats - Bamboo and Palm Straw, BECASA
Dinnerware and Flatware - Crate & Barrel

Boyfriend Button Down Shirt - Martini, BECASA
Crewneck Sweatshirt - Slate Blue, BECASA
Palm Ivory Bracelets - Surf, BECASA

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