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Summer by Habit

Summer by Habit

Done almost without awareness: summer is something we do, just because we're used to doing so.

In perfect rhythm, our simple habits of packing a boat cooler, hanging towels out to dry, applying sun lotion, and taking a juicy bite of watermelon all become part of the fabric of summer.

By habit, we know which rope to grab for tying onto the dock, recognize the sandbar that fits the bill, and learn how to unfog our diving mask just in time.

Bottled up, we could surely cure a few ailments with our summer habits alone.

Inspired by a sundown boat ride our founder, Emily, has taken hundreds of times; our Summer 22 BECASA collection embodies the summer habits we love.

With the sound of the boat's motor, wind, and water, a muffled radio speaker all at play, we hope you'll fall into these summer habits with us.
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