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Our Summer Wine List

Our Summer Wine List

Wine for your table and boat bag.

Easier than packing mixers and garnishes for a sundown cocktail is dropping a favorite bottle of summer wine into the ice chest.

For hotter months, look for a bottle that quenches thirst and, even better, one light on tannins and alcohol. Light, acidic, fruity wines are the place to start. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites – a mix of old standbys and new finds.


This rosé is from our favorite label and has roots close to home. Winemaker and co-founder of Tarpon Cellars, Jeremy Carter, spends a lot of time on our 30A beaches and appreciates much of what we love about Old Florida.

From Santa Barbara, California, this Chenin Blanc by Lieu Dit Winery has become a quick favorite for us. Although the region and grape have long served as fodder for mass-marketed grocery store whites – this one is set in a tier all its own — the lightest and most refreshing.
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