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BECASA Raffia Bangles - Mediterranean

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5 bangles in a set.

A color-drenched assortment, our BECASA Raffia Bangles give a collector's touch to any look. Hand-woven of natural raffia straw, these bangles are soft to the touch yet durable enough to keep for a long time. Wear just a few or stack up a whole bunch.

They are lightweight and easy to pack for travel. Even ideal to share with friends along the way - gifting at the moment to mark memories at the beach, being away on trips, or even sitting on the patio and sharing a laugh. Little pieces of happiness to build and share.

- Made of a soft, raffia straw weave
- 5 individual bangles to a set
- Raffia Bangles are offered in One Size. They are a mix of 6.5in to 7in over hand and fit most wrist/ hand sizes.
- Lightweight and TSA-safe for travel

- Each bangle is handmade in Africa
- Please understand the variation in color or texture is the nature of their hand-crafted beginning.
- We do not recommended wearing our Raffia Bangles while swimming or spending time around the water, unlike our classic BECASA Beach Bangles that are waterproof.