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Freeform Necklace

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Designed exclusively by BECASA's founder and designer, Emily Raffield.

Beautiful and handmade, our Freeform Chains embody the paperclip trend with our own twist. An organic shape that gives you the impact of gold chain with a softer edge.

Lengths: 19" length, & 24" length, 30" length
Hook clasp, comfortable wearability
Base Metal Chain
Extender to shorten or lengthen

About Alchemia -
Alchemia is a special blend of base metals used to produce matchless pieces with the look and feel of 18K gold. Alchemia does not contain nickel, lead, or cadmium. The special attributes of Alchemia make it very fascinating because it carries the quality and aesthetics of gold with a price that doesn’t drain your bank account. Because Alchemia is not plated gold, the color you see is on the inside and outside of the piece. It will not turn or tarnish due to an incredibly, strong, protective lacquer. All of our Alchemia pieces are hypoallergenic.